Paul Oliva

Web Developer

Anchorage, Alaska


I'm an Anchorage based web developer with experience in Ruby, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, RESTful APIs and MVC architecture. I love the thrill of finding creative ways to solve problems and engineer quality products. I am eager to develop my skills.


I recently moved back to Alaska from the Bay Area, where I was working at a tech start-up. In Alaska, I did two years of service with Americorps and studied Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Alaska-Anchorage. While in Alaska, I gained a fondness for the outdoors and still love to hike, camp, and fish in my free time.

Giving back is also important to me. In addition to my service in Americorps, I have volunteered as a Big Brother at Big Brothers, Big Sisters and as a volunteer tax preparer in rural Alaska.


  • RubyRuby
  • Rails
  • SQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • React
  • Redux
  • Git
  • Java
  • C++
  • QT
  • Linux
  • Photoshop


EOS Redux (JavaScript, Node.js)

Open source Redux CLI designed for quick deployment and ease of use.

  • Worked with a team of 3 engineers, using Git and Trello to manage the project.
  • Implemented optional Node.js server integration, allowing for fast deployment.
  • Over 5,000 installs on NPM in first month after initial release.

CloudSounds (React/Redux, Rails)

Single-page full stack music app inspired by SoundCloud. It uses Ruby on Rails on the backend, a PostgreSQL database, and React.js with a Redux architectural framework on the frontend.

  • Utilized geolocation and third-party weather API to retrieve current weather information and serve songs matching the mood of the current weather.
  • Forked and customized Audio.js library to integrate with React and add increased functionality such as ability to skip forward/back in playlist and adjust/mute audio volume form within player controls.
  • Integrated the Audio.js fork with WaveSurfer.js library's off-label backend methods to store waveform visualization data in database for optimized rendering.

Pol.js (Javscript)

Pol.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that acts as a synthetic API to retrieve the most recent available political polling data from Real Clear Politics and either render it to a webpage as HTML, return it as JSON, or draw an HTML5 canvas chart. API calls accept optional parameters and can render data for state and/or national polling.

Alaska Politician Rater (Ruby on Rails)

The Alaska Politician Rater is a fun Rails app I developed that allows users to rate Alaska politicians head to head in several categories and view the aggregate scores from the community at large.

  • Authenticates with OAuth, requiring Facebook login to cut down on multiple accounts.
  • Scoring algorithm records ratings and updates scores in real time.
  • Over 150 registered users and 7,000 ratings recorded in first month after release.

A* Algorithm Visualizer (Ruby)

Ruby terminal application I developed as a teaching tool to help CS students visualize how the A* pathfinding algorithm works. Takes in an ASCII maze from the command line and displays the paths the algorithm considers as it works its way to the optimal route.

State of Alaska (HTML, CSS)

During my internship with the State of Alaska, I implemented a full redesign of the Division of Water's Municipal Grants and Loans Program webpage. For this task I relied heavily on user feedback to design and implement a better user experience.

Cold Cat Consulting (HTML, CSS, PHP)

In my first web development consultancy, I gained experience designing products for a diverse group of clients, including political candidates, nonprofits, and small businesses.

Pie Game (C++, QT)

"Paddy's Pie Game" is a QT/ C++ GUI game I developed over a long Christmas holiday at my parents' home in Kentucky. The objective is simple: eat the pies grandma made for Thanksgiving dinner, avoid eating garbage, and don't let your mean uncle eat any!

Oh, Domino! (C++, QT)

"Oh, Domino!" is a QT/ C++ GUI game I developed for an optional final project in my Intro to C++ course. It's a simple implementation of the classic dominoes board game.

Assembly Tic-Tac-Toe (MIPS)

It's Tic Tac Toe. In MIPS assembly language. Why not?


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